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Need Permits?

Do you need permits? Take away the inconvenience of having to file those nasty paperworks yourself, let EZPermit do it for you. We give you the freedom to focus on the more important things at hand.

We are experts at handling DOB processes, we will get you to the end on time, let’s work together, contact us NOW!

Violation Disposition

Cited for a violation? Work halted? Take advantage of our expert services, we will get you back to work in a jiffy. Here are some violations that we can help you with.

  • Boiler Violations
  • Plumbing Violations
  • Fire Safety Violations
  • Work without Permit
  • Unsafe Building Violations

These are just some of the violations we can work with, talk to us if you have a different requirement, we might still be able to assist you. EZPermit expertly handles any and all violations and helps removes them quickly for you. Let’s get started, contact us now!